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Mobile Pet Ultrasound Blackpool

Mobile Pet Ultrasound Blackpool

Service: Mobile Pet Ultrasound Blackpool

Date: August 2023

Location: BlackpoolLancashire

How We Helped:

Yesterday I was called out on an emergency ultrasound scan near Blackpool
These 3 babies had been born naturally but Nelly’s owner was concerned about how long the pups were taking to be born
I went to scan the mummy and saw another pup inside with a heartbeat
This girl’s teats had gone enormous and were causing her a lot of pain and were stopping the pups from feeding as they should be.
My instinct that something wasn’t right kicked in and I called my vet and explained the situation. Nelly then received the care that she needed in quick time which I had already explained to Nelly’s owner
Thankfully we managed to get her to my vet before anything went badly wrong
Nelly is now doing brilliantly and is enjoying being a mum.
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